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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Where we begin

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In January of this year the want for a child grew exponentially for my husband and I so we decided to see if we could figure out why we haven’t been able to bring a bundle of joy into the world yet. 

I went through the blood tests (no PCOS, yay!) and an HSG (my fallopian tubes were clear, another yay!). The next step was for my husband to get a semen analysis… this is where we ran into our first problem. He had 0% morphology, meaning that none of the sperm in that sample had a normal shape. He also had low motility (movement). So now we are on to our next step which is seeing a Urologist which isn’t until May 17th <sigh> 

In the mean time he is going to go and get a full physical to make sure nothing else is wrong. He has some trouble finishing while we are doing the deed and occasionally gets limp really easily. He has no trouble getting it up but if we aren’t actively doing the baby-dance we run into trouble.

I could still be part of the problem too. I am overweight which can affect TTC a great deal. The hardest part about what has been going on is after we received E’s semen analysis, we were told that our only option may be IVF. To go from preliminary tests to hearing that… needless to say, it was a shocker. 

Well that is the beginning of this journey. I so desperately want to be pregnant and be a mom. To have a family… there are just no words.

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