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Low T

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ImageWe got E’s blood work back today from his PCP appointment and because E discussed with him our lack of pregnancy problems they tested his testosterone levels and they are low. His came in at 291 and “optimal” for his age is around 700, atleast that is what I can find on the internet. The normal testosterone level range is stupid large so it is hard to tell what is normal. 

The Dr. did say that they don’t consider it too low unless it is under 200 but that at his Urologist appointment, he should bring up some testosterone replacement program and see what they say. We got the PCP to fax over all his blood test results to the Urologist so they will have everything. 

Googling really is a curse and a blessing. Based on some of the blogs I have read, people having low T and bad morphology/motility had some success with testosterone treatment and successful IUI’s instead of going the IVF route. So maybe there is some hope with that. Can’t say anything for sure until his Urologist appt though… which is in 3 weeks…

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  1. The waiting is miserable *hug*

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