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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Now PCOS/Diabetes??

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ImageSo when we first started this venture with the doctor’s, my OBGYN suspected PCOS so we scheduled the blood tests and everything came back normal. That was great news to me since I know that can play a big role in things. 

Today was my check-up/follow-up and now I am in a state of numbness I think. Pelvic exam went well and everything physically looks ok. We started talking about next steps and she said that she still isnt convinced that I dont have PCOS and maybe diabetes… um, what? She said that she wanted to do more blood tests to be 100% but she is sure that I am. So I had blood drawn for that and a liver function test however she was so confident that she prescribed me Metformin to start immediately.

We also discussed charting and my lack of ability to sleep. She said that if I am not getting 3 hours of consistent sleep before waking up charting is not going to be very reliable so it was up to me whether I wanted to keep it up or not. 

She said we would talk more after E’s appointment next week. If they can fix his testosterone levels and do a repeat SA to see if his morphology has improved then we can get some help from my doctor on pinning down when I am ovulating. If the Urologist refer’s him to a fertility specialist then we will end up at the fertility clinic and that is a whole other ballpark.

So what do I do after all of this wonderful news? Eat cookies. I know I am seriously hurting myself but it is what I am doing… please don’t judge 😦

One thought on “Now PCOS/Diabetes??

  1. Awesome. Eat as many as you want. Sometimes soul food is more important!

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