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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Still strong

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Today is the start of day 5 of my “new lifestyle” and I have to say I am pretty impressed. I am 9lbs down as of this morning and I have only felt “deprived” once. Most of the time I am completely satisfied throughout the day. I do seriously miss carbs (specifically pasta!) but am doing pretty well. I even went out to lunch with a friend yesterday and wasnt tempted to stray from my program. I also feel like I have more energy which has been nice. I still have serious trouble sleeping but I am hoping that if I take some ambien or something this weekend I can catch up on the lack of sleep.

I am officially “late” – for whatever that means. I have long cycles (usually 36-38 days) so that in and of itself is annoying but when I go past the 38 days it seems to infuriate me. Like my cycles arent long enough?! I had sore boobs 2 days ago, so I thought AF was on her way but that seems to be gone now. Maybe I am missing a month? All I know is that I am annoyed with it! 

The Metformin seems to be working well with this new program also. I haven’t had any adverse effects with the exception of some tummy problems here or there but nothing too bad. E is still taking his Clomid and all of the other supplements that his Dr. wanted him to take. Being a trooper and eating and drinking the things the dr said to do also 🙂

The weekend is going to be a big test! I love going out to eat on the weekends… sometimes we go three times a day. Well that obviously can not happen so it is going to take some serious will power to stay on track but since I have seen pretty good results so far I am hoping it wont be too hard 😀

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