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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Paperwork is in the mail


Today was spent filling out the enormous stack of paperwork that my RE’s office sent me to complete before my appointment on September 5th. Wow do they want a lot of information! When did I first notice pubic hair? Hair under my arms? I have NO idea. I obviously remember when I got my period so I just made educated guesses… hope that is ok. How did my mother’s mother’s mother die? Really? We need to go THAT far back?! I was definitely glad that I had told my mom about all this because it made filling the family history part out a little easier. Since we still haven’t told E’s family a lot of his family history is iffy. We got most of it (what I think are the important most immediate family) but not all.

There was a sense of completion when I sealed that envelope and placed it in my mailbox with that bright and shiny red flag indicating that there is a new piece of mail for my mail lady to pick up tomorrow.

I plan on calling the RE’s office tomorrow or Tuesday and asking them when I can get all of our test/results sent over so they have everything for my appointment in a couple weeks.

Overall, a productive Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Paperwork is in the mail

  1. Wow, that is incredibly detailed! I’ve never been asked about first emergence of body hair, but I know I could not answer. Am I the only one who doesn’t know my exact age when I first got my period? I always say 12, but it could have been 11 or 13. I’m sure my mom would know, but I’ve never thought it was all that important to ask.

    • I thought it was incredibly detailed too and am not quite sure how on earth when I first noticed random body hair is relevant but who knows… I took a guess LOL. I think the only reason I remember when I got my period is because it came at quite an inopportune moment 😉

  2. That’s a lot of detail. I hope you made a copy for yourselves. I kind of remember getting my first hairs “down there” and under my arms but only because I plucked the first ones until my friend’s mom told me that 3 more would grow in its place if I pulled them out and I believed her.

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