"Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect.”

Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD



So it feels like it has been forever since I went to the RE on 9/5… how has it only been 2 weeks? Really? Just 15 days ago we met with him for the first time and got this plan in place. Damn am I impatient and I know I have no right to be…

I have been spotting since Wednesday when I woke up and have been physically sitting on my hands trying not to be over zealous and call screaming “my period started! When do you want me?!!?!?” I was nervous over the fact that we were approaching the weekend and there was no way in hell I was going to miss my window. Absolutely not. I did end up calling voicing my nervousness and they gave me an action plan for if I get my “full flow” for each day leading up till Monday. I felt a little better but was frustrated with my body… come on already!!!

I woke up in the middle of the night and there was essentially nothing there. I was bummed but was able to fall back asleep about an hour later. When I woke up for the day I was sure that nothing would have changed and I would still be in my spotting phase but low and behold I would definitely count this as a “light” day 1! I called as soon as I could and left a message telling them what I am suppose to tell them and anxiously waited a call back. About 2 hours later a lovely nurse called and told me they want me bright and early Monday morning 😀 I am a little worried since that will be CD 4 but they said that they can get the same information that they normally get on CD 3, on CD 2 or 4 so I am a little less worried about it.

I have a TON of blood work scheduled to be drawn and then I will go for my baseline ultrasound. She is going to call in my Clomid prescription but was very stern about absolutely not starting it until I get a call monday afternoon with my u/s and blood work results. I guess some people can get excited and take it early… I would totally never do that… Also she said she was going to call in my Ovidrel (HCG injection to trigger ovulation) but not to my regular pharmacy. They have one on the hospital grounds and she said they have a cash price of $36! That’s amazing because the couple of pharmacy’s around my house said it would be around $125. The only down side is that their pharmacy doesnt open till 8am so I am going to have to stay a little bit longer after my bloodwork and u/s in order to not make an unnecessary trip out there (its about a 45 minute ride). But I think it is worth it to save almost $100!

I am so happy to be moving. So so happy. I have been working on staying positive and I think that E has been appreciative about it. I called him after I got off the phone with the nurse to tell him the good news and he seemed to perk up at me sounding happy. I have even been looking at cute baby things on the internet that I havent let myself do in months. For the first time in quite a while I feel a little bit of hope. Do I think that this first IUI cycle is going to work? I don’t know. I will be happy if I just get through the cycle and it isnt cancelled and then I will have two full weeks to wonder whether or not it actually worked. As much as I am telling myself that I won’t symptom spot or go crazy during the 2ww, I know I will. Even if I think it doesn’t work, I know I will drive myself nutty. The joys of infertility; driving women crazy since the beginning of time!

2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Oh, I’m so excited for you! It is amazing how exciting Aunt Flo becomes at the beginning of fresh cycles. LOL. I know that feeling!

  2. Exciting news! I really hope this is the start of something exciting for you x

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