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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

E is in a good mood

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So today was E’s follow up appointment with the urologist today. We got the results of the semen analysis and there is an improvement 🙂 He went from 0% morphology to 2% morphology. All his other counts are in the normal range. I’ll take it! E is beyond excited about it. He is in the best mood he has been in, in a long time. It’s nice to see him so jovial. 

In other news, I can’t stop obsessing over my liver function numbers. I called my GYN who ran the first two sets of tests and compared them to the numbers I got back yesterday:

May 9th
AST – 38
ALT – 60

July 9th
AST – 36
ALT – 60

Sept 23
AST – 60
ALT – 133

They have essentially doubled and I dont know what on earth has changed. Dr. M said that I can still continue with the cycle. The rest of my liver panel results wont be back until next week. At that time, if any of the other levels are elevated he will send me to a liver specialist to possibly have a liver ultrasound and/or biopsy. I am confused though. If it is a concern (which it sounds like it is) why would he allow me to continue the cycle? It leads me to either believe that 1) he thinks that if the liver thing is an issue it could be treated in tandem with a pregnancy, if the IUI is successful or 2) he doesn’t even think that the IUI will have a chance at working. 

I don’t know. I am obsessing and need to stop. My mother and father are doctors and they both say that even an ALT of 133 can still be considered normal but that we would probably need to do a 4th draw to make sure it isnt an anomaly that they doubled in 2 months. I guess I am just going to wait for the panel to come back and see what they say. Nothing else I can do.

The clomid is going fine. So far, no side effects… fingers crossed that continues! 

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