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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

CD 10


Happy Sunday friends!

I finished up my 5 days worth of Clomid on Friday night. I didn’t/don’t have any symptoms which is great. I have some random pressure/pain in my lower abdomen and my left boob seems bigger and occasionally has a twinge of pain but I don’t know if that has anything to do with the Clomid. I am really hoping that I am not overstimulating…Today is CD 10 and on Tuesday (CD 12) I will be going in for my follow-up ultrasound and bloodwork. Then maybe Thursday or Friday we will be okay to move forward with the IUI!

Tomorrow I should get the rest of my bloodwork back from last week and I hope that everything is normal. After last week’s elevated liver tests (AST and ALT) I called and asked if I should continue the Milk Thistle (used for liver function) that I have been taking for a couple months. Dr. M said that I can continue taking what I am taking (Omega 3’s and prenatals) but to stop the Milk Thistle. So I stopped that immediately but I am nervous about the rest of the liver panel that should be back tomorrow. They said that if the rest of the panel is ok, I wont need to go to a specialist but if something else is off that I will need to go 😦 All the other tests should be back too. 

My mother came in for the weekend and while it was nice for her to be here, she made me a little more nervous than I already was/am. She kept telling me to prepare myself for it not to work and then in the next breath telling me to be positive. I know I have said it 100 times but I just want to get to the procedure. Then I can worry about it working or not. One step at a time. The only thing that I am doing to “prepare” is that I am going to make my favorite soup tonight and freeze it so the day of the procedure I can still eat healthy and wont have to cook. I can take it out of the freeze that morning and then E can heat it up while I stay on the couch. So I guess I am staying positive in the sense that I am planning for the procedure to happen 🙂 Lets hope that really does happen!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! The rest of the day today will be spent enjoying the wonderful weather, catching up on all the new fall shows that we recorded this past week and relaxing before this crazy week starts! 

2 thoughts on “CD 10

  1. Happy Sunday!!
    I really hope this week goes the best if possibly can. It’s hard not to let the mind wander from the negatives to the positives at this early stage. I too hate thinking about the positive outcomes as if by doing so it means it won’t happen. The human mind is an odd machine!!

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