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We got one – CD 19


Just back from my morning scan. Today is CD 19 and I finished my second round of Clomid on Saturday. Today’s ultrasound showed that the follicle I originally had on my right ovary, during my CD 12 ultrasound, was smaller and no longer viable. I was crushed. I asked why this could happen but the tech wasnt in a good mood and I didn’t really get an answer so I am going to have to ask the RE about that one when I see him next week. 

I thought she was going to stop then but went on to check my left ovary and where there weren’t any there last week there was one there and it was 18mm! I couldn’t believe it. I thought for sure we were out after hearing the RT follicle wasn’t viable. The nurse said that if my E2 looks good, I will trigger tonight or tomorrow 🙂 which gives the left one a little more time to grow and get a little bigger 🙂

Last night E was really cute. He rolled over to me in bed, kissed my belly and said “I think you’re feeling egg-y”. All I could do was laugh and he said that he was sure we would get good news today. Part 1 was good news, lets hope part 2 is good too 🙂 

5 thoughts on “We got one – CD 19

  1. Hooray for lefty for coming through! I’ve had follicles disappear before, but always had at least one mature one eventually. It’s frustrating, but it’s normal. Good luck!

  2. Brilliant news! Forgive my ignorance what is E2? 🙂 xx

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