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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

5DPIUI and Update


I can’t tell if it’s sad that I can find my way to the RE offices without my GPS now or if I am happy about that (I hate using my GPS). I have to travel on three interstates to get there so I think it is impressive 😉

I had my “follow-up” appointment with Dr. M today and it went really well. He was happy with how I ended up responding to the higher dosage of Clomid and said I had 2 mature follicles on my left ovary (this was news to me because I was only told 1 by the nurse) and that E’s numbers looked great. The plan, if this IUI doesn’t work, is to change my meds up a little. He wants to change me from clomid to letrozole and still do the trigger shot. There has been a recent study by the American Society of Reporductive Medicine that states that letrozole has a higher pregnancy success rate and a lower rick of multiples so he wants to move me to that. I am good with it!

As far as the elevated liver enzymes, he ruled out all of the major things that would contribute to it and believes it is nothing serious. We made a plan that we will recheck the levels in December and if they are still elevated, I will go to a hepatologist. 

We talked about a bunch of other stuff too but that was kinda the highlights. He commended me again on my weightloss (I have lost 4lbs since seeing him in Sept) and told me to continue to think positively. I’m trying.

In other news, my boobs are super sore. Like ‘OMG touch them and die’ sore! I know it’s too early for all that being that I am only 5DPIUI but atleast it is a good sign that I actually ovulated and that my progesterone seems to be good.

I am still hoping that this worked and will result in a BFP for me. I am dying to test and this 2ww thing is total bullshit. I find it so hard to believe that in this day and age they haven’t figured out a way to make this whole getting pregnant thing instantaneous!!


2 thoughts on “5DPIUI and Update

  1. These two weeks are the worst! I’m hoping, hoping, hoping!

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