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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Start of IUI #2


5:30 this morning as the alarm went off all I could think of was; “please no active cysts…. please no active cysts… please let me be able to do another cycle without taking a break.”

By 5:50 I was in the car and by 6:30 I was walking into the hospital preparing for bad news but hoping for good. For some reason I thought it would be the same protocol as last time with a baseline u/s and bloodwork but when I got there and the nurse asked me if I was in for good news or not so good news (I didn’t get a chance to give them a heads up as to the reason I was coming in because of when AF arrived) and I told her not so good news she said she would be right back to ready my chart. 

I took a seat in a new little waiting room that I didn’t even knew existed in this place (it is a serious maze) and waited eagerly for her return. I get so nervous when I walk into that office regardless of the reason that I am there. She came back and handed me my blood sticker (that’s what I call it atleast… it is a sticker with the blood work that the lab needs to perform. I take it to said lab and hand her my sticker and it magically gets completed) and told me to head to the lab. Then I got really nervous! Wait, no ultrasound?! Do you even have hope that I didn’t produce cysts and can move forward?! 

She calmly explained that since we did the baseline last cycle that it shouldn’t tell us anything we don’t already know and the E2 levels will let us know if I have any active cysts that would prevent us from doing this cycle. Ok, crisis averted. Plus, that saves me some money! Those ultrasounds can get expensive… 

So after all that I just got the call that my E2 levels look good and I can proceed with IUI #2 🙂 Great news! I am to take Femara (5mg) for 5 days and then come back for a follicle and E2 check next monday. 

The only negative is that the pharmacy called and while insurance will pay for the Femara, they need a doctors note explicitly saying that I MUST take the medication. This could take 3-4 days to process which is time that I do not have. So I am going to be paying out of pocket, which isn’t so bad but it is definitely a bit more expensive than the Clomid, and then having them do the paperwork at the same time. Hopefully they will be able to reimburse me some money as long as all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. 

I am just happy that I can move forward. Leave this failed cycle behind us and keep on movin… maybe this month will be OUR month 🙂

6 thoughts on “Start of IUI #2

  1. Keep moving forward 🙂 it’s all we can do right? Here’s to November 🙂 co

  2. Yay November bfp hopes! Thinking of you! Great news!

  3. Yay! Thanks for the update. I logged on specifically to see how this mornings appointment went. Fingers crossed for this cycle!

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