"Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect.”

Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

CD 10

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I am not sure how different being on Femara is then last cycle on Clomid. I have had zero side effects from my 5mg Femara… but I also had zero side effects from my 50mg of Clomid and that resulted in me having zero response. I did have side effects from the 100mg of Clomid and that did work so in my head this means: the 5mg Femara isn’t working and there will be no sign of a response at tomorrow morning’s ultrasound/bloodwork. I feel as if CD11 is a little early to check for follicles but what do I know?

From Dr. Google and other forums I have been on, people say that the side effects of Femara are much less. So there’s that. 

The only thing that has me thinking there may be a small amount of hope is the fact that I occasionally can feel something in what I believe are my ovaries. More so my right but sometimes my left. This could also be entirely in my head. 

I would love to hear: “Oh look, you have one (or two) beautiful follicles! Go ahead and trigger tonight and come back in Wednesday for the IUI.” The odds of this happening are pretty slim to none but there is always a possibility 🙂


I have had an amazing weekend and I am not ready for it to be over. I would like to bask in the positive feelings I have had all weekend and not go back to reality (i.e. working and infertility). The good news is that there is only 19 more days until E and I leave for Thanksgiving vacation!! I can’t wait!!

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