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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

CD 11 – Waiting sucks


Well today was my CD11 ultrasound and blood work after take Femara this cycle… not much going on. Am I surprised? Nope. Does it still hurt like a bitch? Yup. 

I have 4 follicles. Technically 3 because they think that one of them is that large cyst I had last cycle shrinking. 

Right ovary: 14mm (probably the cyst shrinking), 13mm and 11mm

Left ovary: 13mm

Endometrium lining is at 11 which the ultasound tech says is good.

My E2 is at 48 which is to be expected since the Femara blocks estrogen. Dr. M called me personally to discuss – which is always great when the Dr. physically calls. He said that he wants to wait and see what they look like on Thursday. Until then “hold tight”. I am 99% sure he felt my eye-roll at that comment. I just wanted to scream.

By Thursday we should see a significant growth if my body is taking over from the meds and getting them to grow on their own. If there is no change in their size I will be able to do another 5 days of Femara. If there is some growth but nothing substantial then we will probably have to cancel this cycle and do something a little more aggressive next cycle 😦 

So like I said; waiting sucks. Infertility sucks. Happy fucking Monday to me. 

2 thoughts on “CD 11 – Waiting sucks

  1. I hear ya!! Hang in there, I’m sure they’ll be much bigger Thursday!

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