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IUI #2… Tomorrow?!


This morning I had my second ultrasound after Monday’s showed 4 small follicles. Today’s resulted in 2 follicles: one at 23mm and one at 17mm. I thought; ok, great. IUI Saturday. Well they just called and they want to do the IUI tomorrow… I am a little concerned for two reasons:

1) That mean’s we have to have sex tonight but that doesn’t give a whole lot of time for E to replenish his stash which means his numbers may be a good bit lower tomorrow compared to the last IUI

2) They said I shouldn’t take my Ovidrel injection until 11 tonight… Last time I had to take it 36 hours before the IUI. This would be barely 12 hours. I asked her on the phone about it but she said that they usually do the injection 24-36 hours before and then she went into something else and I got distracted. Well that’s not the case here. Why shouldn’t I atleast take it now? I don’t even have any signs of Ovulation?? I tried calling back but of coarse I was like their last person to call so now it’s going to their emergency number. I hope that is all ok… Maybe because that big one is ready to ovulate? Every where I read online says that IUI/TI should be performed 24-36 hours after injection. Anyone with experience around this?

Well I had to quickly take tomorrow off and so did E but we are scheduled for him to go in at 12 and then come back 2 for the procedure. Fingers crossed

8 thoughts on “IUI #2… Tomorrow?!

  1. Hoping for the best! Every month’a schedule can be different so hopefully they know what they are talking about.

  2. Best of luck! I’m having my IUI tomorrow morning too- 9:45 am!

  3. You can also have “relations” after the IUI. I would probably do it again on Saturday am just to cover my bases. Good luck!!

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