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2DPIUI #2 and feeling defeated


I am not sure why I feel that this didn’t work… E and I had sex Thursday (day of trigger/night before IUI), had the IUI on Friday with good sperm numbers and were able to last night (45 hours after trigger – and this was not easy for E. Three days in a row is not an easy task for us/him). So, I feel that if I ovulated any time between Thursday night and Saturday we are covered. I should feel pretty hopeful but I don’t. I think the main reason is that I don’t know if I ovulated because I didn’t have any signs like I did last month. Last month I had a ton of EWCM for a few days after the trigger. This time, nothing. Dry as a bone and even had to use lube last night. I NEVER have to use lube. 

The weird thing is that last month I was on clomid and I heard that that affects your CM but I didn’t have any trouble. This month was Femara and either I didn’t ovulate or it impacted my CM. 

I can’t go by ovulation pain because the day of IUI and all day yesterday everything hurt and I was super bloated. I couldn’t tell if what I was feeling was just uterine cramping from the IUI or if there was also ovulation pain as the whole area hurt. I did have several very sharp pains that could have been ovulation but again can’t be sure. Using OPK’s is pointless because of the HCG injection and I don’t temp because I don’t sleep and the RE said it would be a waste of my time. 

I wan’t to be hopeful but I am just not feeling it. I started packing for our trip to ATL in 12 days and just automatically started putting together a ton of tampons and pads because we are leaving on the day I should start my period. After I realized what I was doing I thought I should pack a few HPT’s just in case but still. 

I wish I could know for sure if I ovulated but my RE doesn’t check because they say that 98% of the time you do. Plus, it made me ovulate last cycle so why wouldn’t it this cycle too? I had a big follie and another almost mature one the morning of trigger so I probably wouldn’t worry but of coarse I am. 

Oh and also I took a HPT this morning (I am going to test out my trigger) and there was barely a second line with SMU. Last month I had a line till 7DPIUI so not sure what that means. I wonder if I didn’t get a good trigger injection or something… who knows. Only 12 more days of this torture!

3 thoughts on “2DPIUI #2 and feeling defeated

  1. No IUI here, but I’m right there with you. I keep thinking and talking about ‘next time.’ I think that’s what our minds do so we won’t completely break if it is BFN. Did you use any OPK or anything? This is so hard! I found myself stressing about timing… Did I get it right? I think so, but I find myself second guessing.

    • Exactly!! It’s like a coping mechanism. Just awful. I have used OPK’s but once I use the trigger injection they are no longer reliable so it is pretty pointless. I just have to have faith that the trigger did make me ovulate and I wasn’t in the 1-3% of women who don’t this time around. Fingers crossed!!

      • I used the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor. I do know that it wasn’t exactly reliable, but I figured what the heck I get to pee on something. 🙂 I am having CD 21 blood work to see if I ovulated though. My doctor said it was a waste and that he is sure I’d ovulate, but I insisted! I’m sure you ovulated! Try not to worry about that too. Hoping this is it for you!

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