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So remember the squinty eye’d, maybe there, maybe not there “spotting” I had at 6DPIUI? Well that went away until this morning where it was very obvious dark brown spotting. Not enough to be on my underwear but enough to automatically know what it was on the TP. It wasn’t in any CM though… it looks exactly like what it looks like a day or two before my period. The only small glimmer of hope is that ever since the initial “large” amount of spotting this morning it is almost completely gone. So… maybe it’s a good sign? 

The other thing it could be is that E and I had sex last night in which I had an O. I am worried that that screwed something up or maybe forced some old blood from the IUI out or something in which case it wouldn’t mean anything. 

If it is the start of AF then that would be a crazy short LP as we know I didn’t ovulate more than 8 days ago based on the ultrasound and blood work so that would be worrisome.

I don’t really have any other symptoms other than feeling “off.” I occasionally have a weird pulsing feeling in my lower abdomen and I just feel really bloated. I have no idea if it’s constipation or what. I also have a lot of gas which E is really not thrilled about lol. My boobs are definitely not sore and I am not excessively tired or anything. 

One other thing that is odd is that my face is starting to clear up a little which is not normal at all. Normally 6 days before AF is suppose to be here my face would be starting to absolutely blow up with zits. I still have a few but nothing like normal…  

Friday can’t get here soon enough!

6 thoughts on “8DPIUI

  1. I have such a good feeling! I had gas and bloating too. But, no sore boobs for my successful month either.

  2. I’m 8DPIUI today too and no sore boobs, but horrible gas & constipation!! No real other symptoms or anything though!

  3. Just wanted you to know that I’m really praying for you today! You were so heavy on my heart. I’m expecting good news this week!

    • Thanks sweetheart, that means so much to me. I’m now not so sure. The spotting went away completely last night but came back this morning a little heavier then yesterday morning but its still brown and is getting lighter as the day progresses but definitely still there. I called the Dr and he said it very well could be the start of AF and if it contiues or gets heavier to count this as day 1 and come in for bloodwork Tuesday. We shall see. I’m going to hold onto your prayers right now bc I really need them. Xo

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