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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Grateful for my doctor


Today I called the “on call” doctor at my RE’s office. I have a much better appreciation for the doctor I actually see now…

The spotting went away last night. It was essentially completely gone! I was pretty excited and then this morning at 5am I was up and there was still nothing there. Totally felt relieved. Then at 7:30 I went to the bathroom and there was spotting and enough that it made it to my underwear 😦 Still brown but definitely heavier than yesterday morning. 

I ended up telling E when he woke up and he got so worried, being that it is still so early, and begged me to call the doctor. So I did and he essentially told me the same thing I already told E… “you need to wait and see.” I really didn’t like this guy though. He said that it sounded like the start of AF and if it continues or gets heavier to count today as CD1 and come in on Tuesday for blood work. I asked him about implantation bleeding and he said that he doesn’t believe in “implantation bleeding” as it is not a true thing backed by science. That it happens in very few women and that while there is bleeding occasionally in early pregnancy he wouldn’t call it implantation bleeding. He seemed pretty rude about it too. So, you know, that made me feel wonderful. Maybe he was just pissed because I called at 8:45 on a Sunday. Who knows.

He also said that if this is AF then a 9 day LP is very concerning and he would assume my actual doctor would change up the protocol for the next cycle. This trip to ATL is really getting in the way of things. Actually, it’s not. It’s my body who is fucking everything up right now. GAAH!!

The spotting has tapered off AGAIN and while it is still there it’s very light and hasn’t been heavy enough to make it to my underwear since the initial assault. I also haven’t had any real cramping which is odd if it is AF since I always, always have that as a symptom and normally my boobs are at least sensitive when I have AF. Right now you could grab and squeeze and I wouldn’t blink an eye (lol) there is absolutely no sensitivity whatsoever. 

Needless to say… I am going to wait and see. Any extra prayers you can spare to send my way I would be eternally grateful. 


4 thoughts on “Grateful for my doctor

  1. Any updates today? I’ve been anxiously checking at work to find out whether or not you have any news.

    • Well I woke up this morning to nothing. I even wore a pad last night because I was sure that AF was going to come over night. So far today there is barely any there spotting and its like every other time I go to the bathroom. Just barely brown spotting but it’s definitely lighter than yesterday. I don’t know what’s going on… I called my nurses and am waiting to hear back from them to get their opinions. This has just been the worst and longest 2WW ever. I just want to either start AF or have the spotting be gone completely! Thanks for thinking of me hun! xo

  2. They told me that its still a wait and see game… I knew they would but at least I like my nurses more than the on call dr. She did say that if AF doesnt arrive by Thursday then to come in Friday morning for bloodwork. So that’s something at least!

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