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Had another craptastic night and have been up since 2:20 😦 I tested and it’s a BFN. Stark white and not even a whisper of a second line. Since the spotting started 5 days ago I should definitely have enough HCG in my system by now for a HPT to pick up, if ths spotting was pregnancy related. The spotting is still 100% gone though so now we just have to figure out WTF is wrong with my body.

10 thoughts on “13DPIUI – BFN

  1. Boo!! So sorry it hasn’t worked out this time… sending you a huge hug xxx

    P.S. Don’t be so quick to blame yourself or your body… there are a million reasons why it might not have worked and the sucky thing is you’ll never know exactly why.

    • Thanks! I just want to see if they can figure out why I spotted for 5 days from day 8-12 and then stopped. If my progesterone isn’t holding up then I would think I would need to be on some kind of supplement. If not, there is no way I would be able to hold a pregnancy anyways. I totally know what you mean though… in this world it is very likely that we will never know exactly “why”. xo

  2. Sorry to hear. I was up at 2 am last night and tested neg as well. I have been getting spotting during the week before my period for a few years now. You may have already written this, but you are on progesterone, right? And you’re having your levels and lining checked 1 week post-ov? My RE is obsessed with the prog. and gives it out like water. For me, that’s not an issue, but he’s the first doc (out of 3) I’ve seen who does 3rd week testing. Fingers crossed they figure it out!

    • No, I am not on any. It has never been an issue in the past but this was my first Femara month and I am wondering if that’s what screwed with me. I am hoping to get some answers tomorrow. Or atleast being pointed in the right direction! Sorry you tested negative too 😦 It sucks!

  3. Oh I’m so sorry! I wonder if they could do literal phase blood draws next time to test your progesterone levels post ovulation. I was always on progesterone support. I am so very sorry.

  4. Bummer!! I was hoping so bad that this was your month! I agree, have you had 7dpo blood work? If not, request it. It looks like out too. I got BFN at 13dpo this morning 😦 It totally stinks!

  5. I’m really sorry to hear that, I was really pulling for you! It looks like I’m out this cycle too, BFN at 13 DPIUI this morning. I go in for my beta today, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m also extremely teary today, if someone says they don’t like my shirt I may burst into tears!

    • I am sorry to hear you got a BFN this morning too. I hear you on being really teary, I was like that yesterday and today. It sucks so badly! I wan’t to just punch a wall and scream. Why isn’t this working?! Ugh. Oh well. Hopefully I have get in for blood work tomorrow and see what’s going on. xo

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