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It’s gone!

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So guess what… the spotting is 100% gone. I even got up close and personal to check to be sure and nope, nada. Tomorrow is 13DPIUI so I think I am going to test again but either way I will be calling the RE office to see what they want me to do. I am hoping they stick to what they told me on Monday and tell me to come in Friday morning for some blood work.

I am happy in the sense that since AF hasn’t arrived yet I will be able to do the next cycle and the ATL trip doesn’t interfere but I am still holding onto some form of hope. My boobs are so UNsensitive its crazy. They have never been like this. I have had sore boobs for as long as I can remember and they have felt like nothing this whole cycle. However yesterday and today I have been really really tired but I am attributing that to the sleepless night on Monday. Today I have been ravenous and start to feel weird (maybe nauseous? My stomach makes all kinds of noises and it just feels strange) if I didn’t eat something every hour or 2 but I could also be conjuring that.

I am nervous to test but also ready to get it over with and ready to see what bloodwork says. Maybe my progesterone was too low? Maybe the Femara screwed with me pretty badly… who knows.

Hopefully I can sleep again tonight 🙂

One thought on “It’s gone!

  1. Get some good sleep – easier said than done, I know! Thinking of you.

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