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So this morning was horrible. I haven’t been able to sleep in weeks and it has been making me a little crazy. Ok. A lot crazy. Since I am in the car I won’t go into everything but I went to the RE this morning for a beta and progesterone check… Hcg is at 8.3. So it’s above 5 which means it is positive but so crazy low.

My progesterone is 18 something I think she said. Regardless of the number she said that it was still elevated and didn’t think I needed supplements so that’s something I guess. The kicker is that we are in the car traveling to ATL for the next 9 days and I need another beta on Monday. That means I have to go to one of those “any lab test” places. Great. Atleast it is a 24 hour turn around and not a three day turn around or something stupid.

With a number that low I’m having trouble keeping the faith so any positive vibes you can send my way I would so greatly appreciate!!!!


11 thoughts on “BFP????

  1. I’ll be praying for you! It’s not where it starts at, it’s if it doubles! Wishing you luck and keeping you in my thoughts.

  2. Just what A Calm Persistence said…..I’ll be praying too. Hoping Monday’s test reveals the “right number”…..but try and prepare yourself either way. I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy, but what I mean I guess is don’t go around telling people you’re pregnant just yet until you get Monday’s results!! GOOD LUCK! I’m really hoping this is it for you!

    • Hahaha totally. E and I have decided we won’t be telling ppl until its painfully obvious that we are pregnant just because I know I couldnt handle telling ppl we lost it and like I said I already don’t have high hopes but am trying to at least think positive since thinking negatively will do nothing for me lol. Thanks so much for the extra prayers xoxoxo

      • It couldn’t hurt!!! Can’t wait to find out the details! This explains why you were getting BFN’s though! My doctors office didn’t even do a beta on me when I told them I had BFN’s at home. Wtf?! Now I’m wondering if I should have been tested! I guess if AF doesn’t show up in a few days I’ll test again, just to make extra sure! Lol.

      • Definitely!! Mine doesn’t usually do betas either unless you get a positive at home but since I had all the weird spotting they wanted to see what was going on. I would definitely ask for one if AF doesn’t show soon!!

      • Definitely will. Okay….so I don’t know if you’re a crazy person like me, but I always consult the WWW when I have questions. I know you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket, but I thought you’d find this little tread interesting: http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/forums/index.php?/topic/890136-help-v-low-hcg-at-13-dpo/page__st__25

      • LOL I am definitely just as crazy with Google. I do find that interesting!! The only bad this is that o know for sure my O date so unless it’s a late implanter I may be in trouble. Waiting till Tuesday to hear the results are going to drive me crazy!!

      • I was impressed to read about all of the women who started off with low betas and ended up having successful pregnancies. Now I’m sitting here think it maybe mine was an 8 too; lol. Not holding my breath! Good luck waiting!

  3. Got everything crossed that your Beta goes the right way… going to be a tough few days for you, but every possible positive vibe is headed your way xxx

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