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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Confirmed chemical


Yesterday’s beta was down to 3 and the nurse called today to tell me it was chemical and that I should expect AF any day. Well she must be psychic because abt 10 minutes later she showed

I called back and told her  that it started and what we need to do. She said that since I lost it so early I didn’t need to take a month off and can start my Femara once we get my E2 levels back.

Both E and I are still kind of in a state of numbness. We didn’t get a chance to be exciteted about being pregnant before knowing that it was over. Plus its very hard to keep a smile on my face with all the family here for the holidays. The bleeding and cramping is already the worst I have ever had and today is only day 1. I pray this passes fast…

7 thoughts on “Confirmed chemical

  1. Thinking about you. 😦 I was really hoping it would work out for you. Sending hugs your way.

  2. 😦 It sucks. Hugs to you.

  3. i am so sorry! Many thoughts and prayers to you.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this! Thinking of you!

  5. Oh, Honey. I pray right now for you. I’ve been through several times. Several times too many. I will warn you that I’ve never had worse cramps or pain, but hold on to the coming hope. Muddle your way through this holiday. I had to make it through a family wedding last time. Give yourself the grace to escape as often as you have to. Take long hot showers and cry your heart out. It’s okay. “After the Storm” and “Below My Feet” by Mumford and Sons had a strange way of comforting me.
    I pray right now for strength to stand once again. I pray right now for hope to want life once again. I pray right now for healing to conceive and carry a baby once again. I pray right now for love to hold one another tight when numbness is all you both feel.
    I am so sorry.

  6. I’m so sorry. I know from experience how disappointing having a chemical can be. Hope you can enjoy a food fest tonight along with a relaxing glass of wine.

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