"Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect.”

Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

I am becoming a new mom! For like two weeks…


A while ago I posted about getting a new puppy… a Great Dane puppy. We were SO close to doing it. I mean really… we had set up the time to go meet with the breeder and had all our money ready. We backed out. That’s a lot of dog and we didn’t know what it was like living with something that large but I still wanted something to distract me a little from this IF bullshit so we found the local Great Dane rescue and low and behold they were in need of Foster Parents! 

We immediately applied and passed our vet check and phone interview about two weeks ago, then yesterday we had our home check. The lady with the organization was really sweet and she said that everything looked perfect and that we would a great fit. Woohoo! We got the official approval this morning and the head of the organization asked me when we would be ready to which I replied ‘as soon as you have one for us!’ 

I thought that it may be a week or two but she replied saying that she has an owner surrender coming in TOMORROW and needs a temporary landing place. They actually already have a new family lined up to adopt him but they can’t come meet the dog till 12/14 and then we aren’t 100% sure it will be a good match. So needless to say I get to meet “my new baby” tomorrow afternoon. We are so excited and it’s a good thing he is already spoken for because he is absolutely gorgeous!!


5 thoughts on “I am becoming a new mom! For like two weeks…

  1. Wow! A beautiful animal. This is great that you have found the perfect solution to the ?get a dog conundrum. 🙂

  2. Fostering is such an amazing gift…and you have a gorgeous new foster!! What a lovely baby!

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