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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

IVF Consultation Cancelled


If you remember, E and I talked about moving into IVF right after this upcoming IUI and not doing a 4th IUI like was recommended. I scheduled my IVF consult with Dr. M for December 18th and was feeling good about it. Well a factor for us is also cost. It’s much cheaper to do an IUI versus a fresh IVF. So, yesterday when I was at the RE’s office for my CD11 ultrasound I asked them if they could give me an estimate on IVF. They said that the financial coordinator would call me to discuss…

Since we are completely self pay the IVF without medications is 12k. That includes, all monitoring, retrieval, ICSI/or traditional fertilization, transfer, freezing and storage for 2 years. Medications will be an additional 3-4k. So between $15,000 and $16,000. I knew it would be high but wow. They do not offer discounts if you do multiples IVF’s or any type of discounts if it doesn’t work. That’s our only option. 

A FET is about $4,800 with medications.

Needless to say, the IVF consultation for 12/18 will be cancelled and we will be doing at least one more IUI. We just can’t afford to do IVF right now and E doesn’t want to take out a loan. We have been contemplating asking his dad/my grandparents but are still mulling that over. Maybe this will all be for not and this IUI will work but it’s pretty depressing knowing that IVF is still a bit out of our reach when I was hoping that magically it would be do-able. 

A girl can still dream…

3 thoughts on “IVF Consultation Cancelled

  1. I’ll be thinking about you! I know I wouldn’t want to pay on a loan if it doesn’t work out. The heart break and then all the financial loss. I think you’re making the right choice for now. I hope this IUI works for you!

  2. I know exactly what you’re talking about as it was that much for me to pay for the last IVF. That was why we converted to IUI because I really couldn’t bring myself to paying that much money for one follicle. I am really hoping that this IUI works for you and you don’t have to worry about the cost. Otherwise, you could explore options for other clinics that offer packages if you meet the age/lab/other requirements.

  3. Just throwing this out there, but my RE’s office orders a the IVF meds from Europe and it’s much cheaper, around $1,500 instead of 3-4k. I know that’s not helping you save a ton of money but it may be something to look into! Sorry to hear about your cancelled cycle. We’re in the waiting zone too. It totally sucks!

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