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IUI #3 and it pays off to be a nagging pain in the ass


This morning’s IUI went according to plan. No hiccups. We arrived at the hospital at 7:45, E gave his sample, we left to get breakfast (and we found a new breakfast place… SO yummy!), came back and waited for them to call me for the IUI. 

I said there were no hiccups with the IUI… but I did do something which was “a first” for the nurse. This has been the first time that my job has interfered with an IUI and of coarse this was the first time the RE was running late. I had thought I was going to get away with having the IUI at 10 and be walking out of the office by 10:25 so I could get on my work call at 10:30. Well, they didn’t take me back till 10:23. I had no choice… I was on my work call while up in the stirrups. Imagine the story I could tell to my child if this IUI works: You were conceived while I was talking to several Medical Directors all over the United States. Regardless the nurse was very accommodating and she got in and out quick as a cat. I laid there for 20 minutes to finish up my call and then I was free to get dressed.

As we were finishing up I decided to be a pain in the ass and ask again about the progesterone supplements. This was a different nurse than the one I talk to one the phone who is the “general” nurse who makes the calls. This was my actual doctors nurse. She said she wasn’t sure but since Dr. M was here today she would go ask him. Sure as shit she came back and said Dr. M indicated that would be a good idea after what happened last month, just to be safe. Well it’s a good damn thing I asked! I wonder if that general nurse even inquired with Dr. M… guess I will never know. Needless to say I will be starting the progesterone tomorrow night. I feel so much better knowing that we are now doing everything possible to help a little human begin its life. Let the 2ww begin!

Also, we spoke to Dr. M about IUI #4. I told him that we couldn’t afford to do IVF right now but would like to step it up with IUI #4 in the hopes to increase our chances. He agreed and so if this doesn’t work we are moving to injectables next cycle. I am happy he is willing to step it up instead of having us continue at this protocol. So, we have a plan but first lets hope that I won’t need it 😉

18 thoughts on “IUI #3 and it pays off to be a nagging pain in the ass

  1. A woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do! Good luck on your 2WW. 🙂

  2. Hoping its 3rd time lucky. Welcome to 2ww 🙂 xx

  3. Good for you for nagging! You have every right to do so since you are paying for it and well, it’s your goal to make it a success. Always go by your gut feeling…I’d rather be the nagging patient and get done what I need to get done than loose in the end ’cause I didn’t want to bother anyone. I hope your IUI#3 works out for you. I will most likely start my first IUI next month and I was told that if it doesn’t work after 3 IUIs to move onto IVF…I’m glad you mentioned your situation ’cause I’m not exactly swimming in money either. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    • Thanks! We just couldn’t come up with a way to pay that much money right now so atleast one more IUI and maybe a few… depending on how things pan out. Good luck with your first one!!! Can’t wait to follow along through your journey!

      • You are welcome and thanks right back at you! I wish I was in a different “club” besides the “infertility club”…lol…oh, well…it is what it is…will keep you posted and continue following you 🙂

  4. I’m so surprised you didn’t already have any progesterone for previous IUIs. My RE treats every single patient with prog, no matter what your levels are. Slightly obsessed. Hope it’s the ticket for yoU!

    • I know! Everyone I know on the blogs I follow and forums I read are just automatically put on it. He had originally said that since I didn’t have any progesterone issues he wasn’t concerned and didn’t think I needed it. Well, tables have changed and with my chemical last month I really didn’t feel comfortable without it, just in case. I know that with my numbers last month there was almost no way it was going to be viable but still. What if the progesterone would have made a difference? I don’t want to go through that again! Thanks!!

  5. That work call story is awesome! Fingers crossed that this IUI works out!!
    Also, we have the same wordpress template 🙂

  6. Oh I’m so happy! My doctors never even gave me an option, but always had me on progesterone. Fingers crossed!

  7. Good job with advocating for yourself and I so hope that you do not need IUI #4.

  8. I pushed for my progesterone supps after my last chemical too, even though I probly don’t need them–it doesn’t hurt to take them so why not use it as “insurance”? Best wishes! XO

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