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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

My first true snow storm


I grew up in Florida, moved to Georgia when I was 14 and moved to Charlotte about 16 months ago. I never traveled up north during the winter and have never gone skiing in Colorado. The most snow I have ever seen is about 2-3 inches. Well we are getting a serious storm here today and it’s been fun (although pissed me off because I had to cancel plans). 

My mother came in town on Monday and I had taken off of work in order for us to go shopping and look at some baby stuff. Well it snowed about 2 inches yesterday and when I woke up this morning the concrete was dry and I thought we would be ok to still go out. Well, that was at 8am. By 9am the snow had started falling heavily and by 10am when we got in the car the roads were already horrible. We made it down two roads before deciding it just wasnt safe and we turned around and came home. I couldnt cancel my day off of work which is a bummer because this is a wasted day but oh well. We have been sitting around the house just watching tv and relaxing. 

The best part is the dogs and their hatred of the snow. It’s pretty funny 😉

Are you serious? I have to go out there?







Flying Frenchie!


4 thoughts on “My first true snow storm

  1. LOL, my dogs hate the snow too! Cute pictures. Stay warm!

  2. Too bad your plans were changed by the snow…but I bet you still had fun just hanging out 😉 For some dogs snow must be their worst nightmare…great pics 🙂

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