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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

I miss my taste-buds


I love eating. My size is evident of that and I have been really good with this whole pregnancy weight thing. I am still down from my pre-pregnancy weight (even if it is only 1lb down… it counts!) and I will be 21 weeks tomorrow. However, nothing tastes normal other than junk food. Chips, chocolate, cake, grape fanta (wow, how I wish I could have this every day! Once every week or 2 is just torture), and ice cream all taste perfectly normal and delicious. Fruit, chicken, steak, tuna, vegetables, greek yogurt, and almost everything else either doesn’t taste good or doesn’t taste right. 

I have been obsessed with pineapple the last couple weeks bc it is the only fruit that tasted normal and was just oh so delicious. Yesterday I sat down with my bowl full of freshly cut pineapple as my afternoon snack took one bite and tasted mango. WTF?! I thought that maybe it was just that one piece but nope, my whole bowl tasted like mango instead of pineapple. Then last night I was lazy and didn’t cook so E and I had tunafish sandwiches which tasted horrid… even on a bagel with cheese on top. I went back to my pineapple (opened another container since I buy a lot of it fresh from the store) and that pineapple tasted like mango too!!!! 

I. Love. Food. I want it back to normal. Either that or I want to be able to eat all the junk food out there to satisfy my taste-buds!

3 thoughts on “I miss my taste-buds

  1. My taste buds seem to be ok, although just recently I had this burning, peppery sensation on my tongue that came out of know where. I’m 6 weeks behind you so who knows if the off taste buds will be in my near future 😉

    • It’s really upsetting LOL I mean, if it’s the worst thing that happens I will be totally perfectly fine with it but I miss food! Hopefully your taste buds stay intact and dont mess with you!!

  2. I’m so impressed you are down a lb!! At 21 weeks I’m up 12lb!! Lol!!

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