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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

The joys of being a paranoid infertile pregnant woman


21 weeks 6 days. 127 days to go.

Yesterday I woke up with a dull burning sensation in the urethra area when walking/sitting and immediately thought: “oh great, a UTI” even though I didn’t have any issues with going to the bathroom. As the morning progressed the burning got worse and I had some more than normal clear liquid discharge. My infertile brain went to exactly to the worst… OMG THAT IS AMNIOTIC FLUID! I called my OB and told them about the burning and that I thought maybe it was a UTI but I was worried about the excess fluid. The receptionist took my concerns and said they would put a message into the nurses. 8 whole hours later (I was so not happy about the wait!) I got a call back from a nurse who obviously thought I was seriously overreacting and tried to fluff it off as a possible UTI and scheduled me for a urinalysis for this morning. Why do these nurses not take people seriously, are my concerns not valid? I understand I go to the worst case scenario but those things DO happen which is why I am concerned… ugh

Fast forward to this morning. A little less burning and less discharge but I was still super paranoid. Couple this with the fact that baby boy moved from my right side to the middle and I can’t feel him as well now so that had me worried even though I know that this early is too early to rely on fetal movement as any type of indicator. 

I get to the office, give my sample which is negative so I actually got to see a doctor which means I got to hear Grant 🙂 His HB was in the 150’s today and it is always so amazing to hear. Today was the first time my stomach was measured and he said I am right on track with that so that’s good. My BP was still good (117/72) and weight is still on track (up 2 ounces since my appointment with them 3 weeks ago). 

He did an external exam and told me a whole much of words that I don’t remember but essentially my glands are a little inflamed which is causing the burning when sitting/walking. So he called in an ointment to the pharmacy for me to go pick up today which he said should help with the burning and has a little yeast medication in it just in case. He did validate that the discharge I am seeing is in fact just discharge and not fluid. I really liked him (I hadn’t been seen by this partner before) and he was the only one that hasn’t dismissed my feelings or told me to ‘just relax’. I left feeling reassured which doesn’t happen all that often. 
Now, let’s see how long it takes before I have another minor freak-out 😉

10 thoughts on “The joys of being a paranoid infertile pregnant woman

  1. For me at least, the freak outs are even worse now that baby is here! My poor pediatrician 🙂

    • Oh I can only imagine lol It will never stop, will it? We will be freaking out the rest of our lives over our children, won’t we?

      • I think so. I want to be calm, but I’m terrified all of the time that I’m not doing something or should be doing something….truly, we wear our hearts outside of our bodies from here on out

  2. I hope your burning sensation goes away soon! The worrying never ends…I’m working on mine…my best defense yet is to get myself distracted and try to ignore all the unusual stuff…sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t…lol.

  3. I hate to say this but it’s really nice to know I am not the only PIPW on here! Every wonky feeling or vaginal discharge I am worried and wondering enough to check it out. I certainly hope it gets better…

  4. Hey – after all you’ve been through a little worrying makes sense!

    Glad its “normal” and more importantly that you felt heard. It sucks to be dismissed.

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