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Baby showers and finally reaching viability!


Has it really only been a week and a half since I last wrote? It feels like weeks!

My trip to Atlanta for work was nice but exhausting. It was amazing to see all my co-workers from across the USA and the content of the meetings was good overall. It was just the fact that it was three days worth of 12 hours of meetings that was draining. The amazing part was they threw me a surprise baby shower during one of our breaks! I was SO incredibly surprised. It was completely out of left field and I am still incredibly humbled by their generosity.

I got this beautiful basket of goodies, a huge array of my favorite treats from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a $600 gift card. They are all truly amazing and am so thankful that I have them all in my life.



After my meetings I headed to my mom’s house where I got to see my girls again! It’s amazing being without my dogs for just a few short days really makes me miss them terribly. We did have a small issue when all the grandparents arrived Thursday afternoon and forgot to close the door. Shana got out and was missing for about an hour. I noticed probably 10 minutes after it happened and spent the next 45 minutes running up and down hills, crying and screaming for her. I was a serious mess. After sweating and panting like crazy I went back to the house to just double check that she wasn’t hiding there and 2 minutes later my mother walked in the door with Shana in her arms. Apparently Shana wandered into a neighbor’s open fence gate. This neighbor knows our family loves pugs so she called my mom and asked if we were looking for one. Such a blessing… with her medical problems and the sheer heat of the day I was convinced that she had just collapsed and we weren’t going to find her. All the exertion and stress caused me to have my first round of braxton hicks for the next three hours but I got my girl back and she was physically fine after I got her cooled down and got a muscle relaxer in her.

Friday the rest of my family came in and I hit 24 weeks! We are finally in the “viability” stage of pregnancy!! I am just so happy about this. Believe me, I want this little boy to continue cooking for a good 16 more weeks but it is so nice to know that if, god forbid, he had to come early that there is a chance he would be ok with the proper medical help. 24 weeks also marked the first day of ankle/feet swelling! Woohoo! I have a pretty amazing hubby who rubbed my feet and legs though and it felt amazing. I have a feeling I will be living in compression socks for the rest of this pregnancy!

Saturday was my baby shower day and it was spent prepping everything possible with my mother. It ended up raining all day but there weren’t too many people coming so we fit inside just fine. The night was incredible and my best friend did an amazing job with everything. I truly couldn’t imagine a better night. We got some amazing gifts and this little man is going to be seriously spoiled!


ImageMy best friend is also super crafty and made me this onsie… I told her she is going to have to make one in every size!!!!

ImageAnd of coarse I had to get my girls in on the pictures!

ImageImageImageAnd my adorable cake that had “baby boy” written on a banner as the cake topped

ImageIt’s really hard getting back into the swing of a regular work week! I just want to stare at all the adorable baby things and dream of my little boy using it all!


2 thoughts on “Baby showers and finally reaching viability!

  1. Ahhhhh Viability! It feels so good. That is such a relief. I totally cried when I realized we had made it there. 🙂 Your baby shower pics are all adorable. It looks like you had a great day. And I’m glad you found your baby girl. 🙂

  2. Happy viability!!! Yay!!!!!! It looks like you had a beautiful shower. I absolutely adore the onesie with your dog silhouettes! (I might be stealing that one 😉 ) I’m so happy things are going well for you! What a wonderful moment in time!!!

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