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What a waste of a Sunday


Well after a long ass day I feel I should have just stayed home. I have been “sick” for almost a month now with a cough and sinus infection. I was put on antibiotics for a week and things started to get better but a couple days ago I got the bad cough back and my snot started turning green again 😦 Additionally last night I had dark green EWCM and some itching started… JOY!

I have always read that if there was a serious change in discharge to call so I ended up calling the nurses hotline because I knew that the office was closed tomorrow and didn’t really want to wait until Tuesday in case it was something they thought should be seen. So, the nurse said she wasn’t really sure but with odd discharge and the office being closed tomorrow she advised going to urgent care.

Off I went and the wait was crazy but I stayed. This was where the big mistake came in. The dr I saw at urgent care did a cervical swab and said there is a little bit of yeast (found under the microscope) and she saw the green discharge I was describing along with some other discharge that she wasn’t sure what was what. She started throwing around words like amniotic fluid and saying that if the baby pooped it could cause green discharge (even though she said my cervix was closed) and that she didn’t feel comfortable saying everything was fine so advised me to go to the hospital.

Queue this infertile mind going into panic mode.

I called E and he was ready when I got home and off to the hospital we went. The L&D triage took me immediately and I was hooked up to all kinds of monitors (I was incredibly impressed with the hospital I will be delivering at, this was my first time there and I am crazy happy with them). We found/heard baby boy immediately and he apparently wasnt a fan of the machines because he started kicking like crazy… it was so cool to hear on the monitors. My OB’s oncall midwife was in the room in about 10 minutes and said she was sure everything was fine and said that the afterhours nurses they have aren’t always the brightest and she probably should have told me to wait until Tuesday but that they would check everything out just to be sure. She said she just felt bad that I am going to have an urgent care charge and a hospital charge. They monitored baby for an hour and everything was perfect with him. Then she did another cervical after she read the notes from the urgent care doc and confirmed it was the start of a yeast infection and said what a moron the urgent care doc was. She said that when anyone outside of “OB” hears the word pregnant they never want to take responsibility and so it isn’t great to go to anyone outside of them for that reason.

ImageE’s name tag he had to wear while we were at the hospital

I didn’t feel like I had a choice though. So while it was a pain in the ass that we had to spend the majority of our Sunday doing this and will be getting bills for lord knows how much, I am really glad we did. When someone throws those words around and hears that the professional doesnt feel comfortable, I don’t know of any expectant mom who wouldn’t go to the hospital to make sure all was ok. Let alone someone who has gone through infertility! So I have monistat for the next 7 days and she told me to take it easy and that’s that!

Oh and no one cares about my cough… They both said to just wait it out…

Hopefully tomorrow will be more relaxing!

4 thoughts on “What a waste of a Sunday

  1. Glad everything checked out and you and baby are fine!

  2. I’m happy you and the little one are okay! But I am totally not surprised about the Urgent Care physician. The medical field in general has a bad habit about pitching the responsibility on other departments. Hopefully that cough subsides soon!

  3. Good to hear everyone is okay! And BTW, I had to laugh a little when I saw the “Bon Temps Football” tee shirt… True Blood fans?

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