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Constipation affects us all

Constipation sucks and my poor baby girl is suffering right now from it. Yesterday morning she started acting funny. Nothing specific, just not herself. About 2 hours later she started shaking (which she never does unless she is in pain) so I thought that maybe she hurt her back again. I palpated her back and got no reaction from her which was odd so I moved to other parts of her body. When I barely grazed her stomach she tensed up immediately. So I thought ‘oh shit, maybe she bloated’ (http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/gastric-volvulus-bloat-dogs-life-threatening-emergency) and then thought, well she’s so small and bloat is normally for bigger dogs, maybe she swallowed something she shouldn’t have. Either way we loaded up and off to the vet we went. The vet also went to bloat/foreign object so we took xrays and thankfully it was neither but it did show that she was seriously constipated and was causing her a lot of pain 😦

They gave her a puppy enema and did her anal glads with the thought that that would give her some relief. Wow was that a gross experience… they were kind enough to give me some trash bags and towels for our car ride home. It took her 8 hours to actually have a bowel movement after that and even then it was very little. I at least felt a little more confident that she would be feeling better (especially since the shaking stopped) but this morning she only went a teeny tiny bit and when we gave her a little food (about 1/4 of what she normally eats) she was still feeling so full that she kept trying to throw it up <sigh> I called the vet and they wanted to observe her for the day. I got a call at 10am saying that her saliva was very thick and she was drooling so they gave her an injection for nausea and that she was burping/farting a lot so they were hopeful that things would “get moving” soon without another enema. I haven’t heard anything yet so I plan on calling to check on her in a minute. I miss my baby! The other dogs seem completely oblivious to the fact that she isnt here but each time I look at the dogs there is a serious ache that she isnt here! I know, I know… crazy dog lady.

This was her yesterday after we got home from the vet and I finally got her to relax a little. She looks so miserable!!



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Neighborhood baby shower

30 weeks 3 days. 67 days to go.

This weekend I had my second baby shower with some of the ladies from my neighborhood. My best friend from GA came up for it and my mother but other than that it was just neighborhood people. It was really nice and exactly the shower I like. Both my showers have been so perfect… no stupid games or over the top fawning over mom to be. Just good company, awesome decor, good food and presents 😀 I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such great people in all aspects of my life. 

Here are some pictures of the decor and food 🙂



Outside of that I am still feeling pretty good. The hip pain started over the last couple nights when laying on my side and just some overall uncomfortableness (yes, I am making that a word) but nothing to really write home about. Baby boy has really been on and off on his activity which drives me a little batty. He will go a day where he moves almost all day and then a day or two where he’s almost completely silent. Silly, silly boy. 

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I don’t got the sugars!

The title is for all you Paula Deen fans 😉

Got my 3hr glucose tolerance results back… Only one of the 4 blood draws was slightly elevated and the other three were fine so they consider that passing!!!!!!!! The nurse said to watch my carb and sweet intake (which I try to do now anyways) but other than that I am good to go!!! I am so damn excited and am totally going to celebrate tonight before going back to being good about what I eat 😀 

Such an awesome way to start the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I really want to stuff my face with cake, cookies, cupcakes and ice cream before I get my 3hr glucose test results. Like, really bad. I know that would be really bad, regardless of the test results, but right now all I can think about is enormous plates and bowls worth of sugary goodness.

That is all.  


Glucose test results

Whelp, I “moderately failed” my 1hr glucose test 😦 They said that they consider anything under 135 to be normal but that they dont consider you to have GD unless the number is 180 or above. Mine was smack in the middle at 157. Needless to say my 3hr test is scheduled for Wednesday. I am hoping for the best and am going to eat as sugar and carb free as possible until then but I am nervous that this is not going to go in my favor.