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Glucose test results


Whelp, I “moderately failed” my 1hr glucose test 😦 They said that they consider anything under 135 to be normal but that they dont consider you to have GD unless the number is 180 or above. Mine was smack in the middle at 157. Needless to say my 3hr test is scheduled for Wednesday. I am hoping for the best and am going to eat as sugar and carb free as possible until then but I am nervous that this is not going to go in my favor.

12 thoughts on “Glucose test results

  1. I have mine on Thursday and I’m not confident I’ll pass either. 😦

  2. I will have one in 8 weeks or so. I hope your next one will be normal…fingers crossed!

  3. I’m sorry you have to do the 3 hour test. Honestly, I don’t think it matters how you eat from now until then. Obviously, you don’t want a lot of sugars in your body going into the test, but that’s why you fast before hand. I hope you pass!

  4. Oh no!!! Hope you pass the 3-hour one!

  5. Oh no!! I hope your test on Wednesday goes better. Good luck!

  6. Lots of luck for the 3 hour test!! More than a little dumpy that the first one wasn’t a green light!

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