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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Constipation affects us all


Constipation sucks and my poor baby girl is suffering right now from it. Yesterday morning she started acting funny. Nothing specific, just not herself. About 2 hours later she started shaking (which she never does unless she is in pain) so I thought that maybe she hurt her back again. I palpated her back and got no reaction from her which was odd so I moved to other parts of her body. When I barely grazed her stomach she tensed up immediately. So I thought ‘oh shit, maybe she bloated’ (http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/gastric-volvulus-bloat-dogs-life-threatening-emergency) and then thought, well she’s so small and bloat is normally for bigger dogs, maybe she swallowed something she shouldn’t have. Either way we loaded up and off to the vet we went. The vet also went to bloat/foreign object so we took xrays and thankfully it was neither but it did show that she was seriously constipated and was causing her a lot of pain 😦

They gave her a puppy enema and did her anal glads with the thought that that would give her some relief. Wow was that a gross experience… they were kind enough to give me some trash bags and towels for our car ride home. It took her 8 hours to actually have a bowel movement after that and even then it was very little. I at least felt a little more confident that she would be feeling better (especially since the shaking stopped) but this morning she only went a teeny tiny bit and when we gave her a little food (about 1/4 of what she normally eats) she was still feeling so full that she kept trying to throw it up <sigh> I called the vet and they wanted to observe her for the day. I got a call at 10am saying that her saliva was very thick and she was drooling so they gave her an injection for nausea and that she was burping/farting a lot so they were hopeful that things would “get moving” soon without another enema. I haven’t heard anything yet so I plan on calling to check on her in a minute. I miss my baby! The other dogs seem completely oblivious to the fact that she isnt here but each time I look at the dogs there is a serious ache that she isnt here! I know, I know… crazy dog lady.

This was her yesterday after we got home from the vet and I finally got her to relax a little. She looks so miserable!!



5 thoughts on “Constipation affects us all

  1. Ugh. We’re in the sick/Injured pet club together right now. Wasn’t IF enough of an affliction?!

  2. Poor baby. She’s got to be the cutest munchkin I’ve ever seen though. Hugs xx

  3. Poor little babe. What a cutie pie. I wish they could talk to us and tell us what is wrong and what they need! Hoping she feels better soon.

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