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My little Olive update


In my last post I spoke about how my little French Bulldog Olive was having some tummy trouble and we thought that all it was was constipation. She had received an enema and we were hopeful she would be on the mend. That was last Wednesday.

Thursday we gave her a little bit of food and she was still immensely uncomfortable. I called the vet back and she wanted to observe her all day. I took her there where she apparently threw up her breakfast. They took some additional x-rays and the vet said that she thought she may see a blockage. We decided to do a ‘wait and see’ approach for the night to see how she did.

Friday morning she woke up acting a little perkier and actually asking to eat! I was so excited. We gave her maybe 15 pieces of kibble and she started regurgitating it along with white foam 😦 We decided to go ahead and do the exploratory surgery to see if there was a blockage because she was in so much pain and we couldn’t come up with another reason. Plus we were going into a weekend and I just didn’t want to wait. This was probably a bad decision because when I dropped her off she had a major panic attack and needed a sedative and oxygen. Then when they anesthetized her, her heartrate dropped drastically but were able to give her some medication and get it stabilized again. It also took her an exceptionally long time to come out of the anesthesia. All for nothing, essentially since they found no blockage. After she started waking up and coming to they got her up and got her moving and she started regurgitating brown liquid/slime without any warning. The vet said it was probably some residual stuff in her stomach and let her come home.

Friday night was rough. We tried to get her up and walking around every 30 minutes or so in order to clear out whatever was in her stomach so she wouldnt aspirate on it. Wow was that nasty. Finally around 10pm I got her up to walk around the house one more time and about a cup and a half of brown liquid came up in one big “burp”. Luckily that must have emptied her all out because she seemed to feel much better after that and actually slept somewhat peacefully throughout the night. Saturday we started some boiled chicken and rice which was hit or miss with keeping down. On Sunday she wasn’t much better in terms of keeping food down but her pain seemed to have almost disappeared. We decided we were going to go for a second opinion on Monday.

The vet we went to for our second opinion was amazing. He spent almost an hour with me discussing her and going over all her records. Almost the whole time he was sitting on the floor with Olive. He believes that she has a slight hiatal hernia which caused an esophageal ulcer so he gave us some medication to help all of that and we are just to sit back and see if that all helps. Yesterday was our first full day of being on the meds. We did the chicken and rice in the morning which she kept down and then in the afternoon I gave her half of her regular dog food and half boiled chicken. She ate it all and only burped afterwards once! I was so relieved and happy!!! Then, SIX hours later, out of the blue, she threw it all up! My heart sank and I was so upset. I thought we were making such progress.

Praying that last night it was just a fluke we started the whole medication routine this morning and I gave her 1/3 of her normal dog food for breakfast. There were several big burps and gags but she kept it all down. 4.5 hours later and still no issues I gave another small meal. She seemed to hold that one down even better and it is now almost 2pm and no vomiting. In a little while I will give another small meal and see how the rest of today goes. I am hopeful but still cautious at this point in time. I really hope that this new medication regimen is going to help her because I just can’t stand how pitiful she is. Not to mention that she has lost almost 2lbs in a week and for a small dog (she started off at 21lbs) that is a lot!!

13 thoughts on “My little Olive update

  1. Bless her heart! It’s terrible when they’re sick, but it’s even WORSE when they can’t figure out what’s wrong. I’m hoping hoping hoping the medicine takes care of it!

  2. This sounds really similar to something my cat has been going through… If the meds don’t end up working… Float the idea of inflammatory bowel disease with your vet. Really hope they’ve got it under control though xxx

  3. Aww poor little girl. Hoping she is on the road to recovery and that the medicine helps.

  4. I’m so sorry, honey! I really hope Olive starts to respond to treatment. This is the worst situation with worrying about obstructions versus a mechanical issue, but I am happy that she is at least comfortable now. Hugs for you both an lots for Miss Olive!

  5. Poor little girl!! I always feel terrible when my dogs hurt.

  6. That sounds awful! My beagle had an intestinal hemorrhage a couple years ago and for him the warning signs that he may be starting to hemorrhage again is that he starts throwing up. We usually give him pepcid when he starts in on that or if he is just acting off his feed or refusing to eat.

  7. Poor pup, I really hope the medicine works and gets her better soon!

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