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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Checklist and update


32 weeks 3 days. 53 days to go.

So we have accomplished a lot lately and are almost ready for little man’s arrival!

The biggest thing I was worried about doing was completing our “birth plan” and I finished that this weekend so hooray for that! I may still tweak a few things but the main stuff is done. I tried looking at example birth plans and none of them really fit what I wanted so I just typed it up in word with bullets… hopefully that will be sufficient 🙂

What’s left:
– Pack hospital bag: I already have it out and have put in 2 things but I need to get serious and get it done. My list is already created it is just a matter of gathering everything and getting it in the bag

– Install carseat (probably won’t do for another couple weeks)

– Nail down our pediatrician – this is difficult because I had already chosen a place but found out they arent affiliated with my hospital so the baby would see the on-call dr at the hospital and then have to be seen by this new dr. My OB recommended another pediatrician that is affiliated with them so we would be seeing the same practice from day 1 and they have saturday and sunday hours so that’s nice. I still need to go and visit them though.

– Sterilize all bottles, pump accessories and pacifiers

– Purchase 2 sleep gowns and a couple pairs of pants for the little guy (we have a million onsies from our showers but zero pants in newborn or 0-3 months )

– Purchase some nursing tanks and at least one initial regular nursing bra.

– Set up items downstairs (will do first week of August to get the dogs use to these new items being around): swing and pack and play and then put together a diaper changing station in the downstairs bedroom.

Things left to wash:
– rock ‘n play cover
– pack and play bassinet cover
– swing cover
– any new clothes that are given to us at our last shower

When I say there is about 8 weeks left it still sounds like it is somewhat far away but when I say there is about 53 days left… that sounds so close! 

I am still feeling pretty good. I started developing some SPD a week and a half ago which is quite uncomfortable but I only feel it when I go from sitting/laying to standing and those first initial steps. I have come to the conclusion that pregnant woman dont waddle because of their belly, they waddle because the feeling of your pelvis ripping in two just isn’t right! I definitely have started waddling but it is only because of the SPD lol

No real news other than that. We have our childbirth/newborn class this weekend and I am pretty excited about it. I have a feeling that it will just be something that I already know but it will all be brand new for E which is the exciting part for me 🙂

Olive is feeling much, much better and I am so relieved! She has kept down all food since Wednesday and has regained all her strength/personality. I have to call this week or next to see when they think she will be ready for her next operation and then hopefully we can start weaning her off the medications!! Good, good stuff 😀


7 thoughts on “Checklist and update

  1. Yay! So amazing that you are so close! You sound very prepared 🙂 can’t wait for you to hold your little man!

  2. I’m also 32 weeks and some change, but I think you’re ahead of me with everything. 🙂 We don’t have a ped; we’re using my family doctor. The on-call ped will see the baby in the hospital after she’s born, then we’ll start regular appointments with our GP. I don’t think that’s a big deal, and I think you should go with whoever you think will be the best doctor for your child, not necessarily their hospital affiliation.

    I don’t even have a hospital bag yet, let alone a list of what to include. I guess I figured 8 weeks was plenty of time to do that, but you’re right – it’s just around the corner! My baby shower isn’t for a few more weeks, so we really don’t have anything for the baby yet. We still need to paint her room.

    I definitely have the pregnancy waddle, too! And I move so. slow. Good luck with the continuing preparations! Sounds like you’re in good shape to be ready with plenty of time to spare!

    • Thanks girl and I agree with you that I need to go with the best doctor for the baby and if I meet with this new practice and I don’t like them as much then I will stick with the first one I found and liked and just have the on-call doc look at him at the hospital.

      I think the reason that I feel like I need to have everything ready is that a good friend had a perfect pregnancy and her water just randomly broke at 36 weeks so I just feel like I need to be ready by then just in case LOL Not to mention that I am a crazy planner. It will probably bite me in the ass when I am fully ready by August 1st and have zero to do the last month of the pregnancy haha

  3. Hot dog! 8 weeks is just around the corner 🙂 XOXO

  4. Sounds like you are getting quite ready! Yep, that pregnancy waddle is definitely due to having something wedged in your pelvis. Such a strange feeling. 😉

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