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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Grant Hugh – Born August 30th


He’s here! I wanted to jump on and post a pretty poorly written birth story while I have a few minutes. We are doing well overall – just so incredibly tired LOL Breast feeding has been a challenge for us and we are having to supplement a little but hopefully it wont be for very long. Just long enough to get all my milk in and get us in a good rhythm. 

August 29th 2014 – Due Date!

Today started off just like any other day; 5:45am came around way too fast and work started promptly at 6. I had a few “stronger” contractions throughout the morning but nothing exciting and nowhere near a pattern. Around lunch time they started to get a little more intense so I took a shower to ‘prepare’ in case anything decided to happen and I also texted Evan to be on stand-by, but at this point I still didn’t have high hopes that our boy would be making his arrival.

The contractions would taper off and then come back but the intensity didn’t change much. I finished out all my assignments at work and turned on my ‘out-of-office’ message to start on 9/2 just in case and then signed off. When Evan came home he asked if “this was it” and when I replied “I don’t know” he shrugged and we went off to Cruzin Rubenz for dinner (where I believe I had my first real contraction) and then TCBY for dessert. When we got home the contractions kept coming and going but I was still able to do the dishes, clean up the yard and play with the dogs so we still didn’t think much of it. We went upstairs at 8pm for bed and as soon as I lay down to read, by 8:45, the contractions started getting somewhat painful. By 9:30 I was in a lot of pain and decided to call the doctor to which they told me to go to the hospital to get checked out. By 9:45 we were leaving the house and I was getting 20-30 seconds rest in between contractions, it was unlike any pain I have ever felt before and there was no way I was going to let them turn me away and send me home to progress more! They took us right back to triage, hooked me up and sure enough I was 6cm and 100% effaced with back to back contractions. The IV was started in order for me to get my epidural and we were sent off to our permanent room.

At that point there were people everywhere getting things ready for us and the contractions sucked. I was getting no breaks but Evan was so amazing in supporting me. Letting me grab his hands and rely on him to keep me up and breathing through them as best I could. By 11:30pm my epidural was in and I was feeling SO much better. It was almost immediate relief and things then started to settle down.

August 30, 2014 – Birth day!

Evan and I were both able to rest (he got a few naps in while I just laid there). At 1:35am my water broke all on its and I was at 8cm! We were getting close but Grant was still out of my pelvis taking his sweet time. At 3:30am I started to feel some pressure so the nurse checked me again and I was at 9.5cm dilated but he was still very high, although a little lower at +2 station (need to be at -2 station to deliver). Now it was essentially just a matter of waiting for our little man to ready himself for this world.

At 5:30am the nurse came in and said that Grant’s heartbeat was dropping with each contraction so she wanted to check me. Sure enough… 10cm dilated and Grant was RIGHT THERE! She told me to give her a practice push with the next contraction and apparently I did well because I wasn’t allowed to push again until the midwife got there. Everyone needed for me and baby got to the room in a matter of minutes and the midwife suited up. I was pretty nervous but it was all so exciting. We were going to meet our son! After everyone was ready I was told to push with the next contraction – two pushes later and his head was out. One more and out came the shoulders along with the rest of him. I couldn’t believe it. Only 4 pushes total! He was placed directly on my chest and I was in utter shock. Here was our boy (the lungs on him were sure proof of that)! He even came out giving us his first poop, throwing us right into the whole parenthood jig.

From there, it was all a breeze. Grant’s apgar scores were perfect and so there was no need to remove him from me and were able to snuggle skin to skin from the moment he was born, exactly what I wanted. His first feeding went wonderfully and we got to spend the rest of the morning enjoying our miracle. He was finally here. Our dream has now become our reality.

Born at 5:52am, weighing 8pounds 8ounces and 20.5 inches long

DSC_0260 (800x532)    P1030244 (800x600)

12 thoughts on “Grant Hugh – Born August 30th

  1. What a sweet boy! I am glad everything went so well for you both!

  2. Congratulations! You’ve done so well and he’s a really sweet little boy. I wish you a speedy recovery ❤

  3. Beautiful. What a great birth story! You make it sound beautiful and almost easy. 🙂

  4. He’s absolutely beautiful. Congratulations mama!

  5. OMG! Congrats mama! Love the name. 🙂

  6. I totally cried tears of happiness reading this post. He’s beautiful. Congrats mom!! 🙂

  7. That sounds like an amazing experience! Congrats lady! XOXO

  8. Beautiful baby boy! Congratulations momma!

  9. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story!

  10. So amazing! I had a really hard time with breast-feeding, so keep up the good work! When Abby was about seven weeks old, it all the sudden just made sense and worked! Big hugs!

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