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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD


2 months old!

I can’t believe it… my little “blob” is now two whole months old. Technically 9 weeks. It’s so surreal! We went to the doctor this past Thursday for our 2 month well check and he weighed in at 14lbs (95%) and 24 inches long (90%) and the pediatrician said he’s a perfect baby. I just love hearing that! He got his shots and that was hard for both of us but after about 90 seconds he was much better than I was. It’s really hard seeing your baby cry from being in pain like that… it’s such a different cry then when he was hungry/sleepy/frustrated. He was sleepy fine the day of the shots but extra sleepy the next day and fine after that 🙂

We had a wonderful Halloween and got to hand out candy for about an hour before the rain came but it was so cute seeing him all dressed up!

DSC_0298I can’t get enough of him and constantly kiss his cheeks and eat his toes! We unfortunately are slowly going to strictly formula as my supply keeps dropping no matter what I do and he gets more and more frustrated while trying to breastfeed as the milk just doesnt come fast enough and there isn’t enough. He is learning that the bottle is just easier and satisfies him faster so he tries to get me to give that to him over anything else. So I have been pumping a whole lot more which I hate doing but I am going to try to keep going as long as I can.

I have exactly 4 weeks until I go back to work 😦 I am meeting with two potential nanny’s this week but I really hate that I can’t watch him full time. I will still be home with him and the nanny but it won’t be the same. AT. ALL.

He is starting to stir from his nap so I will leave you with a few quick pictures!!