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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

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Putting the plan into motion

A couple weeks/months ago (honestly, I can’t keep track and don’t update my blog half as often as I wish), I wrote about next steps in order for us to TTC again at the end of this year:

1) Schedule prelim appointment with my RE

2) Get my jacked up and decomposing teeth fixed and healthy again

3) Lose weight and try to get down to at least where I was before starting fertility treatments last time

I am happy to report that ALL of this is in action!

1) RE appointment scheduled for July 20th to discuss what testing I need to do this go-round and come up with a plan on when to start treatment again

2) I got into the dentist and had a cleaning and we can up with a treatment plan. I have a root canal scheduled for April 25th with an Endodontist and then after that I go back to my dentist to be put under (I have severe dental anxiety and all the work will be about 4 hours) and have the rest of my cavities fixed and crowns placed. All of this work is costing just under $10,000 before dental insurance (which will cover about $3000). So we are saving like crazy for that and am going to have to take advantage of the 0% for 12 months CareCredit for the rest. After that I just need to keep up with my cleanings and pray that my teeth stay healthy.

3) Losing weight… this is obviously an ongoing process. I am on my 5th week of my lifestyle change and am happy to report that as of this past Friday I am down 12 pounds (so 4 full weeks). I started with the 21 day fix and after the first week decided that the food part of the program was just too hard and I was too busy for it. The workouts were great but I decided to do my own food and it’s been much better. I also just started on Plexus three days ago to get some good probiotics and vitamin/minerals into my body. Overall I am very pleased with this and don’t see myself stopping.

In the back of my mind I am obviously hoping that all these changes will somehow allow us to get pregnant on our own without outside intervention and I guess it could happen but I am not fooling myself into unrealistic expectations. E and I aren’t exactly on the same page as to when to start treatment again but we still have quite a few months. I want to start with my October cycle and he is thinking to start after the new year just to let us save a little bit more money. My teeth and our vacation are a huge expense and we have a few other big chunks to have to pay for this year so we’ll see. Our insurance doesn’t cover any of the treatments (other than some blood work and a portion of the ultrasounds) so it’s all out of pocket.

And not to leave out our baby G. He is going through a rough patch and cries… a lot. 19 months is hard for a baby who wants to communicate so badly but just doesn’t have all the words to do so. He also has his two eye teeth and two molars coming in at once. He is testing boundaries and is hard to discipline because nothing seems to work. He throws full on tantrums which are a blast but I am hoping this phase will be over soon. He is so cute and is such a good helper when he wants to be. He LOVES cars and helping me with the dogs. He is still letting me rock him at night which I love and savor with every ounce of my being. He is just the love of my life ❤