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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

My body is frustrating

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Yesterday was the day! RE appointment for baby number 2. It went really well…

We got E’s semen analysis back and his count is a little low (14.5 million when they want to see about 20 million) but his motility and morphology were fairly normal (30% and 1% respectively). Dr. M isn’t too concerned about anything but his sample for the first IUI will help determine if E was having an off day or if we may need to look into something further.

In terms of me, he does want me to have another HSG to make sure my tubes are open (oh joy) and a bunch of other blood tests but the good thing is that we can do both during an active medicated cycle.

The most frustrating thing is my body. I have been spotting since MONDAY! Usually I have a day, maybe 2 of spotting before I fully start but of course when I actually NEED for it to start, it decides to spot indefinitely. My luck will be that I will start tomorrow meaning that I won’t be able to go in for my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork until Monday which would be CD 4. I know they say that CD2-4 is fine but honestly I never had success with starting meds on CD4 the last time we did this.

So I am pissed about that. My body is always screwing things up. There is also a SMALL window for me to start. The absolute LAST day my period could start and us still be able to try for an IUI this cycle is Sunday… and that’s assuming I respond and would be ready for IUI on CD14-16 (and that none of my tests done between CD3 and IUI wouldn’t cause for it to be cancelled). Thank you business trip for adding that additional stipulation on this cycle.

In addition to that I have an awesome summer cold. Stuffy nose, sore throat, gross cough and body aches. YAY!

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