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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

So it begins

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Today was productive… Got to the RE’s office right at 6:30am and was promptly taken back for my ultrasound. Everything looks great! I am at CD 4 (which I am not happy about… I hate that they don’t do baseline’s on the weekends), lining looks great, no visible cysts, RT ovary has +20 follicles and LT ovary as about 19-20 follicles. I got my lab slip and off I went. 4 vials of blood later I was done with that too and off to the hospital pharmacy to wait for them to open in order to get my meds.

I waited patiently all day. I really did… there was no nervousness or too much anxiety waiting for them to call. When they did they said my E2 and FSH were normal (38 and 6.4 respectively) and I get to start my meds today!!!

My HSG is on Friday and then I go back for a follicle ultrasound check on Tuesday August 2nd with hopefully the IUI being on August 4th or 5th.

Hopefully the HSG will be a wasted test and my tubes are still open and that none of the other blood tests that were drawn today will cancel the cycle. Everything seems to be running just a tad too smoothly, which always makes me a little nervous.

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