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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

IUI#1 for baby #2

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Our IUI was finally this morning. It feels like the first half of this cycle took forever… it was only 18 days but it felt like months. Also, navigating this whole process with a toddler is not easy. The several follicle checks were difficult enough but today we had to be at the RE by 7:30 and they are about 45 minutes away. G doesn’t typically get out of bed till 7 but we had to have him at daycare by 6:30. Needless to say he was a screaming mess this morning but we all survived.

We got to the hospital shortly after 7 and E gave his sample at 7:30. We stuck with our tradition from the last time we went through this and went to our favorite breakfast place while we waited for my scheduled time. We got back to the hospital at 9 and I was pleasantly surprised that they were ready for us 30 minutes early.

My heart sank a little when they read off E’s numbers though. The cycle we got pregnant on last time he had 21 million sperm at 95% motility. This time he had 2.8 million sperm at 85% motility. Such a drastic difference. My hope has gone down a lot with those numbers but I keep trying to remind myself that it only takes one.

My cervix was completely off to the side and it hurt like a bitch getting it moved and putting the catheter in. The nurse said I had plenty of EWCM which is good since I haven’t seen any and that once my cervix was moved she didn’t have trouble with the catheter.

So now we wait two weeks to see what’s going to happen. If this cycle fails we should have one more shot at another round before we go on our cruise at the end of September. Hopefully this will work though… fingers crossed!!

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