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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

IUI #2 for baby #2

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IUI #2 was a go for this past Sunday. It went notably better than last months IUI which I was grateful for. I had a better nurse, E had better numbers, and the procedure itself went smoother.

This was a tricky situation though… We had family in town for G’s birthday and they are all unaware of us trying for a second baby. We had to somehow figure out what to say to get us out of the house at the crack of dawn Sunday morning without them being suspicious. Well I am not sure if they believed it 100% or not but since we are currently in the process of buying another house we said that we got the mortgage lender to meet with us on a Sunday to sign some papers in person and since we had to go out we were going to make a date morning out of it. It worked to some extent 😉

We arrived at the center promptly at 7:20 for a 7:30 semen collection. They took E right back and then we had an hour and a half to kill before my procedure. We went to our favorite breakfast place again and had a delicious meal… I seriously love that place. When we returned to the clinic we waited for about 20 minutes before they called us back. Since potentially have 2 mature follicles this time (24mm and 19mm on the morning of trigger) I was really hoping E’s numbers had improved from last month and they did! Still no where near as good as the cycle we got pregnant with G on but way better than last month. We had 8.5 million at 90% motility. I’ll take it 🙂

My cervix is always incredibly hard to find and they end up using 2-3 different speculums in order to located it but once that was figured out the catheter went right in and it was easy as pie.

Now, two more weeks of waiting and hoping before figuring out if it worked.

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