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IUI # 3 for baby #2 and a new house

The IUI did go as planned. A day before we had to go out of town… I still can’t believe it worked out so well. That just never seems to happen.

E’s count went down a little from last time; we were at 5 million @ 91% motility this cycle but the nurse was very sweet in telling me that she has plenty of patients that get pregnant off of 1.5million cycles. That’s great but this is our third one and so far it hasn’t worked out so well. I had cramping that day and have felt mostly normal since with a cramp here or there.

I am really hoping this cycle works. I need this cycle to work. I can’t imagine another failure.

In other news, we closed on our new house this weekend. We did our final walk through on Sunday and the house is just how I remember it from. It’s beautiful and we can’t wait to move in at the end of December. I am also really hoping and praying we can sell our current house because we have to actually move. It would make my life so much easier!

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Small miracles

So the issue this cycle was around timing. I am on CD 10 today and leaving to go out of town on CD13-CD15 which is typically prime IUI time for me. Well, I had my follicle check this morning and I miraculously have a 24mm follicle ready to go. As long as my E2 levels coincide with it, I will be having my IUI on CD12. Talk about lucking out! I would have been really upset to miss yet another cycle after having to take last month off because of our vacation.

So, lets hope IUI # 3 is the winner just like it was the first time we had to do all of this good stuff. Fingers crossed!!

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Well I spoke to my RE and he said that based on E’s semen numbers for the last two IUI’s he isn’t opposed to timed intercourse if my IUI were to fall on the days that I will be out of town. He said that if his numbers were both below 5 million he would say no to TI but since only 1 was below and 1 was above he wouldn’t rule it out.

E and I talked about it and decided we didn’t want to completely waste another month so we are proceeding. CD3 bloodwork tomorrow and hopefully starting my femara tomorrow afternoon.

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My timing fucking sucks

So my month of BC pills is over and CD1 is today. Awesome. Let’s get the ball rolling again. Oh wait… CD 14 (typically IUI day) falls on the day we will be in another state closing on our new house. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Why can’t things just be easy??? I have to call today and let them know it’s CD1 and hopefully they will be able to help come up with a plan so we don’t have to miss ANOTHER month.