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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Our last IUI


So after my self-pity party on Thursday when our third IUI failed we didn’t know what to do. With everything going on should we wait until after we move or try one more time.

I called our financial adviser at our RE’s office and had a nice chat with her. We are lucky in the sense that we do have IF coverage. There are a lot of stipulations we need to meet but we do have it. We have hit our deductible so insurance should start paying for 80% of the last cycle and the upcoming cycle. Also, we can’t move to IVF until we have had 4 failed IUI’s. So that really made the decision for us. Why wait until after the new year to do another IUI (since we have to before moving to IVF) and pay full price when we could do it now for only 20%.

Needless to say, bright and early this morning I was at the hospital getting my E2 drawn. Dr. M is going to review to see if we could change any of my meds around for a possible better shot but since I respond so well to the femara I doubt he will change it. As of right now it looks like meds today-friday and IUI sometime mid-end next week.

4 thoughts on “Our last IUI

  1. I would do the same given the circumstances. Best wishes! XOXO

  2. Praying for the strength for you to do this! I’m so sorry that this is such a hard long road for some of us! XOXO

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