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IUI #4 is a go… and so different

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Well, today is CD10 and things look good. As of today:

Lining – 8.5mm

RT ovary: 19mm, 16mm, 12mm

LT ovary: 16mm, 12mm

E2: 80

Ovidrel scheduled for tomorrow night with the IUI slated for 10am on Thursday.

I write everything down and was flipping through my last three cycles and was feeling disappointed as my lining has been between 12 and 14 each cycle and my E2 has been over 150 even though follicle size has been the about the same each cycle. I was bummed thinking that all that based on knowing E’s numbers aren’t going to be spectacular was just going to throw out this cycle but then I looked back at the cycle that I got pregnant with G and my E2 was 56! I don’t know what my lining was since I didn’t write it down but this cycle is the first time I have had a dominant follicle on my right side and that’s the side that was dominant last time I got pregnant. So while I can’t say ‘hope is alive and thriving’ I dont have the same gloom going into this cycle as I did when I got off the phone with the RE.

Fingers crossed that E’s numbers are as good as possible and that this works. Oh how I want this one to work!!!!

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