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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

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Quick update

T-minus 2 days until we leave… 1 day until the trucks are packed. Crazy. G is home from daycare this week and my mother is here trying to keep him entertained while I work and somehow figure out how to pack up our entire lives.

G is doing well, I can’t even remember if I spoke about his surgery that he needed on his eyes. That went well and he’s recovering, unfortunately the issue doesn’t appear to be resolved but at least he has some serious relief to what he was going through. We will be finding a new pediatric ophthalmologist as soon as we get settled in our new state.

One of the dogs in particular has been having a hard time with all the boxes and has taken to destroying things which has been fun. I am not looking forward to how long it’s going to adjust to a new house.

As far as the fertility front is concerned… it’s at a bit of a stand still. My last cycle where our 4th IUI failed was hard and I had such a weird period. Normally it’s 4-7 days with at least 2 very heavy days. This one was 1.5 days of just light bleeding. I have fooled myself into thinking that I am still pregnant even though I have no symptoms and I had a negative right before the light bleed. I refuse to test though because I know I am just being crazy. We have an appointment scheduled for the end of February with the new RE in our new state to discuss what exactly I have to do in order to get the IVF process rolling. Until then I get to sit and watch everyone announce on facebook that they are expecting or all the adorable little newborn pictures being posted. I try really hard to not focus on it and just relish in the fact that I have an amazing son who I adore but sometimes it’s hard.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season ❤