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Have you had a vaginal ultrasound before?


I had my SHG yesterday and it went well. Uterus looks “beautiful” and there is nothing that should be impeding implantation.

I walked into the ultrasound room at this new clinic and was already irritated that things are so different from my old clinic. I wont lie… I miss my old clinic. I knew the policies and procedures, I knew the people, I knew what to expect. I don’t like the unknown and this new place is just that. It’s SO different and I am not yet a fan.

The ultrasound tech looks at me dead in the face and asks “have you had a vaginal ultrasound before?” It took me a second to realize she was being serious. I totally thought it was a joke… I mean how many years have I been dealing with IF? I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have had the dildo-cam shoved up my vag. I almost laughed. When I realized she was serious I made some sarcastic response which she didn’t seem to appreciate.

Overall the procedure went fine and everything looks good so that’s one more thing to check off my list. E should be calling today to make his appointment for his semen analysis and screening bloodwork and then it’s a waiting game until CD 1 hits where we can do a baseline ultrasound and a slew of bloodwork.

3 thoughts on “Have you had a vaginal ultrasound before?

  1. Aghh sometimes you just wanna bop them over the head with your pile of notes & say “have you read these?” don’t you. I had a nurse ask me if I’d had the sedation drugs they used at my clinic as I got ready for a hysteroscopy….I’d have 5 egg collections by this stage, so yes I’d had the sedation a few times! And if I remember correctly she’d put the lure in for one of those! I know they’re busy & all but little things like taking the time to read up can make a big difference to our experience.

    • Exactly!!! Just 5 seconds to see how large my file actually was would have been an indication to not ask a silly question. It could have been phrased better like “at this clinic we do…” but whatever. I guess I expect too much from people.

  2. haha, yea anyone dealing with infertility is well uses to the dildo camera by now!

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