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What’s a few more months?

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E had his fertility urologist appointment today, after we found out 2 weeks ago that he now has zero sperm.

The urologist was fairly thorough and felt confident that his sperm issue is due to the testosterone E was taking for a while. However they are going to do the typical tests to rule everything out. He had a bunch of blood drawn today and will have an ultrasound of his prostate and testicles next week. Then the following week will have a followup appointment to go over treatment options (if there are any available).

The dr didn’t want to discuss “what if’s” until he has all the information but did say that if E never regained sperm production they could physically go in with a needle and retrieve it. I am not sure how far we are actually willing to go but we will cross that bridge at the time.

What we did decide on is that based on his testing and treatment we wouldn’t be able to even think about starting a cycle till July/August-ish. This means that the vacation we were wavering on is definitely happening. We deserve a week at the beach and I know our son will have a blast. He has loved it each time so I know now that he will be almost 3 he’s going to have a blast. We will have a condo right on the beach. It’s going to be great.

I started my cycle 2 days ago so I am going to the RE tomorrow for my cycle day 3 bloodwork and diagnostic ultrasound. After that I will meet with Dr. B to go over everything and figure out a plan. I think I am going to ask if I can go on BCPs so I have a regular cycle for a few months… I don’t know. I’ll be interested in hearing her thoughts.

Considering we started back with the fertility dr this past July and we had anticipated being pregnant by the end of 2016… whats a few more months? I just can’t dwell too long on this because it will defeat me and that’s not something I can allow to happen. Hopefully, E will be able to start producing sperm again and we can move onto IVF towards the end of summer.

One thought on “What’s a few more months?

  1. Hoping that the tests won’t show up anything bad and that you’ll be able to move forward! Yeah, what’s another few months if it means IVF has a better chance of working.

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