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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Things have been put in motion

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Where to start… I have been so busy with work I feel like I don’t have any semblance of a life anymore, so this is going to be quick with not much fluff.

  1. I met with Dr. B last week for my follow-up and all my bloodwork looked great. I have a good egg reserve, hormones are all within appropriate ranges and nothing looked off. My miscarriage rate calculated between the appropriate hormones and my age is 30% (with a pregnancy rate of 60% via IVF).
  2. E is doing well on his pregnal injections and clomid. His testosterone has gone from 38 to 580 within 3 weeks and the markers telling his brain to produce sperm have started firing again so there is hope that his next SA (which is scheduled for May 19) will show some results.
  3. I have started birth control. Since my cycles are unpredictable and I would like to start a cycle the second we get back from our vacation at the end of June, we started me on BCPs now. I am doing a full pack (active and sugar pills) and then staying on active pills until getting back from vacation.
  4. As long as E’s SA results show sperm we will move forward. In the meantime we will be doing our injection class and figuring out all the legal stuff of what to do with any left over eggs.
  5. If for some reason E’s SA doesn’t show improvements then that is the end of the line for for with this journey. We will cherish our amazing son and I will start the process of accepting that we will not have another child.

Now… back to work.

One thought on “Things have been put in motion

  1. Sorry work has been so hectic! Really hoping that E’s next SA will be great.

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