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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

We have sperm!!!!


Such an odd phrase to say but YAY! E had his follow-up SA this past friday after being on Clomid and pregnil for over a month. He had bloodwork 2 weeks ago which showed the markers in his brain (which tell the body to produce sperm) were firing again and so they scheduled the SA.

On March 7 there were zero sperm and before that for all of our IUI’s the numbers were exceptionally low. I am so happy to report his latest numbers:

Count: 53.53 million

Motility: 57%

Morphology: 10% (his best ever was 2%!!)

Viability: 98%

We are so incredibly thrilled. I emailed my RE and asked them to get the results from the urologist so Dr. B can review and assess.

As of right now though, we are scheduled for our injection class next wednesday and I am starting my birth control pills tonight. We should be all set to start stim in 5.5 weeks! It feels like forever away but eeeeeee!

4 thoughts on “We have sperm!!!!

  1. Omgggggg that is f*cking awesome!!! XO

  2. That’s so exciting! Yay!!

  3. oh yay!!! that is such great news!!

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