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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Change of plans


Well… this is something I should be excited about but I just feel a sense of disappointment. Maybe it’s because I just found out and haven’t fully had time to process.

I got a call from Dr. B’s office this morning in which Dr. B has reviewed E’s latest SA results and believes we don’t need to jump to IVF. We should try TI or IUI. Seriously? What in the actual fuck?

I have been mentally preparing for IVF for 7 months now. SEVEN MONTHS. We were supposed to have our injection class tomorrow and now that is cancelled with another appointment on the books for middle of June to talk IUI details. I am beat down and feel so defeated. We have done (what feels like) so many failed IUI cycles that I don’t know if I can mentally take another failed IUI knowing that I could have used that month as an IVF cycle with a potential different outcome.

I told E that I was willing to do 1 IUI but if it didn’t work I want to move to IVF. I can’t take multiple failures again, my heart wont be able to bare it.

The office said I could stay on the BCPs as planned so as soon as we get back from vacation I can start the IUI process. So there’s that at least.

Where to go from here? Try to be happy over the fact that we could potentially save some money if this first IUI works? That’s about the only thing positive I can think of at this moment. I was so looking to up our chances. We had planned on having a baby in our arms by this time already not looking at the possibility of delaying this even more.

4 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. I had wondered when i saw his results if they would want to try less invasive measures first. But I also understand how frustrating this must be to you. I hope this doesn’t equate a delay but that you are successful right away.

  2. IVF would give you much better chances and also potentially save you several months of wasted IUIs. On the other hand it’s more expensive, invasive and I guess there is the possibility that IUI might have done the trick… I think your idea of just trying IUI once more is a good one. Good luck!

  3. Oh that is SO annoying! Uhg. XOXO

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